Providing encouragement, strength, & hope

to families with infants in newborn intensive care

This is our story

The NICU journey for a micro-preemie or chronically ill infant is a very long one. For the parents, it is a weary path filled with emotional highs and lows.  When the NICU journey ends, a new one begins.  It is at once a delightful and frightful period. Parents soon learn that they, and they alone, are the advocates for the best care for their baby.  This is our story.

This is how we help

Facing life-and-death decisions, families find their marriages and relationships are tested as never before.  The crisis that begins in the hospital often continues after discharge as a result of the overwhelming medical needs of the baby and the emotional and financial devastation of the family.  This is how we help.

This is how you can help

Volunteers are the backbone of our organization and have made our programs possible. By generously giving their time, energy and heart to our cause, more of the dollars donated to our foundation can be used to directly benefit the families we serve during their NICU stay and beyond. This is how you can help.

A 501(c)3 nonprofit

Serving Blank Children's Hospital & Mercy Medical Center in Central Iowa since 2010